Wine Making Regions - AEGEAN ISLANDS -

Wine Making Regions - AEGEAN ISLANDS -


Santorini: The vines here are in the form of wreaths (stefani) so that the grapes which grow on the inside are not destroyed from the strong winds. White grape production reaches about 80% and there are about 1,200 hectares of both red and white varieties. The summers are warm and dry and the winters mild with few but strong rainfalls. The most interesting part about Santorini is its geomorphology. Most of the island's terrain is covered by deposits of volcanic material (resulting form the activity of its now dormant volcano) and its east side is an extensive, fertile plain.

: As with Santorini, the strong winds have induced the grape growers to come up with a different training system. The vines here are left to crawl along the earth (aplotaries) and can reach up to four meters in length. The two most popular varieties are Mandilaria and Monemvasia (33% and 66% of production respectively). One can also find Savatiano and Vaftra on the neighboring island of Antiparos. Vaftra's pulp is colored and is used for adding color to reds. Paros has never been afflicted by phylloxera and received the appellation in 1981.

: The island has a gentle landscape with wide tracts of flat land with a highest peak of 430 meters. Its terrain is volcanic and the 1,000 hectares of vines include Limnio, also called Kalambaki, and Muscat of Alexandria which is more popular and is solely responsible for the appellation of origin, received in 1971.

Rhodes: An island with a long history in wines. It received the appellation of origin in 1971 mainly due to the CAIR company which buys 90% of grape production. The vines cover about 1,800 hectares, 1,100 of which are Athiri and 600 are Mandilaria. Rhodes' climate is probably the best in the Aegean for viticultureE and tourism. There is plenty of rain during the vines' dormant season and sunshine with cool breezes from the north during the growing season.

: From a geological point of view Samos was formed as a result of major tectonic upheavals. Despite the dominant mountains the island's terrain displays considerable variety and small plains alternate with hilly regions. The white Muscat variety dominates in the vineyards and is responsible for the island's renown sweet wines (Samos Glyko and Nectar). When phylloxera hit this island in 1892 hardly any red varieties were replanted. There are about 1,800 hectares of vines cultivated on calcareous soil at various altitudes, from sea level to 800 meters.

Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality

Limnos White Dry Muscat of Alexandria
Paros Red Dry Monemvasia, Mandilaria
Santorini White
Assyrtiko, Aidani
Rhodes White
Mandilaria (Amorgiano)


Controlled Appellation of Origin

Muscat of Rhodes White Sweet Muscat, Muscat Trani
Muscat of Limnos White Sweet Muscat of Alexandria
Samos White Sweet Muscat


Topikoi Oenoi (Vin de Pays)

Syrianos White Dry Monemvasia, Assyrtiko
Aegeopelagitikos White Dry Assyrtiko, Mandilaria, Athiri



Region Producers Local Winery Telephone

Limnos Co-op. of Limnos YES (0254)22296
Honas YES (0254)91392
Paros Boutaris NO (031)281103
Co-op. of Paros YES (01)4137833
Moraitis YES (0284)51350

Rhodes CAIR YES (0241)22385
Emery YES (0241)29111

Santorini Argiros YES (0286)31489
Boutaris NO (031)281103
GAIA NO (01)6844728
Koutsogiannopoulos YES (0286)22266
Nomikos YES (01)4170895
SANTO (Co-op.) YES (0286)22233
Sigalas YES (0286)22272

Samos Co-op. of Samos YES (0273)27458
Kourtakis NO (0299)22231
Tsantalis NO (0399)61394


Producers Local Winery Telephone

Argiros YES (0286)31489
CAIR YES (0241)22385
Co-op. of Kos YES (0242)22240
Co-op. of Limnos YES (0254)22296
Co-op. of Paros YES (01)4137833
Co-op. of Samos YES (0273)27458
Emery YES (0241)29111
Koutsogiannopoulos YES (0286)22266
Moraitis YES (0284)51350
Nomikos YES (01)4170895
Probonas YES (0285)22258
Roussos YES (01)9591245
SANTO (Co-op.) YES (0286)22233
Sigalas YES (0286)22272
Vatis YES (0281)22292

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