Wine making Regions - THESSALY -

Wine making Regions - THESSALY -


Despite the fact that the area is mostly a fertile plain, the climate is conducive to the cultivation of grapes. Mount Olympus in the west and the Aegean sea in the east create varying temperatures throughout the year. Appellation wines are produced at Rapsani, Anhialos, and Mesenikola. This last town cultivates Savatiano and about 70 hectares of the Mesenikola variety at various altitudes.

Rapsani: Situated at a higher altitude than the rest of the region, Rapsani's soil is mostly calcareous and there is a fair amount of rainfall in the area. After the phylloxera pest destroyed the vineyards there was a substantial decline in the hectares replanted (300 hectares). However, Rapsani is responsible for about 80% of the grapes (Xynomavro, Krasato, and Stavroto) used in the production of this areas' appellation wine.

Located just south of Volos, the main port of Thessaly, the area has an appellation of origin wine which is produced from the Roditis and Savatiano grapes. There are restrictions on vine training and vinification methods due to the high yields and pinkish color of the Roditis variety. Most of the vineyards are cultivated close to sea level.

Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality

Anhialos White Dry Roditis, Savatiano
Rapsani Red Dry Xynomavro, Krasato, Stavroto
Mesenikola Red Dry Mesenikola, Carignan, Syrah


Topikoi Oenoi (Vin De Pays)

Thessalikos White Dry Roditis, Savatiano
Kraniotikos Red Dry Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Tirnavou White Dry Batiki, Roditis


Region Producers Local Winery Telephone

Rapsani Tsantalis YES (0399)61394


Producers Local Winery Telephone

Apostolakis YES (0421)62959
Co-op. of Anhialos YES (0421)76210
Co-op. of Karditsa YES (0441)27811
Co-op. Of Tirnavos YES (0492)22002
Cotoulas YES (0441)22321
Katsaros YES (041)536811
Lellis YES (041)223649
Mitrakos YES (0495)51360
Tsantalis YES (0399)61394
Vasdavanos YES (041)227773


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